About Us

Calling The Wild , Makes Custom Game Calls from natural tone woods, and musical reeds,yes there a little more to care for, but we feel great about the tones our calls make as well as not putting harmful plastics into the environment. So after hunting some forty plus years I started producing game calls for myself, and soon other hunting friends.

So whether your going after Winter Coyotes, or those Majestic Elk, deer ducks geese, turkey’s, distress calls rabbits, owls,or crow be sure to look and listen to our calls.

What sets us apart from other call makers, all of our calls are made from Michigan native woods, hand crafted One at a time, hand tuned one at a time.


So Please stay tuned for our new product line and videos on all our call’s, tried and tested afield.

Should be turning out our first Goose call in the next two weeks. 08/20/2014